Remane a budget

To rename your budget:
1- From the drop-down tap on “Rename & settings”
2- update the field “Name your budget” with the new name
3- Tap on “SAVE” at the top right in the action bar

Duplicate a budget

1- From the drop-down menu under your budget title tap on “Duplicate/Clone”
2- Select to month to create
3- Tap on “SAVE”



Bluetooth feature

Bluetooth sync

To sync  your two devices use the Bluetooth functionality.(for now it doesn’t sync bank account. We will add it later)

This is how to sync with Bluetooth:
1. On both devices, from the navigation drawer select “tools”
2. Then choose “sync with Bluetooth
3. from one phone choose “let another see my mobile ” and from the second phone choose “connect to another device”
4.  Once both devices are connected start sync from any of the devices