Monthly budget app

When we plan our budget, we do it in a manner that will help us save and use our income in the most appropriate way possible. However, without discipline, lack of impulse control and a keen awareness of how much we can afford, we find ourselves out of money sooner than we expect. Fortunately, you can take advantage of iSaveMoney app to help you in tracking all your expenses and converse your budget as much as possible.

In just one click, you will access the core functionality of iSaveMoney core that lets you add new incomes or expenses on its menu. This app has large and clear buttons to allow smooth and intuitive navigation. When you insert an expense, the app will display the fields which you fill data such as amount and payee. It is very easy to use iSaveMoney mobile app together with your family as a solid budgeting and expense management app. This app comes with an easy to use a family sharing feature that will allow you to set a budget and then sync the income and expense by synchronizing your and your family’s spending by connecting via an inbuilt Bluetooth app.


The app also comes with inbuilt templates of categories that will help you to create a new monthly budget to help you save together with your family. The app will let you create unlimited categories for each monthly budget. The app will also help you in calculating your monthly budget based on your income and recurring expenses. It also monitors each individual daily expense and display a bar chart that shows the variation of individual daily total expenses.


ISaveMoney mobile app main aim is to help you to save money by tracking expenses. For this reason, the app has an option where you just need to press the okay button and display your total incomes, expenses and how much money you have in your savings. The app will clearly display the category that you are spending more. This will not only help you to spend wisely but also help you to plan for more saving for the coming months. The App allows you together with your family members to create an unlimited monthly budget.


If you are looking for fun and enjoyable way to track your expenses, iSavemoney is the most reliable and convenient application. The App also features an integrated calculator and is able to display up to six months expenses for you to do the comparison of your spending in a pie chart. Even though you are traveling, this app will ensure that it keeps track of all your expenses for you to stay in top of your finances as you go along.